Good For Business, Good For the Environment

18 Aug 2022

Good for Business, Plus Good For the Environment 

At SelfLube, we are proud to be one of the leading US manufacturers of self-lubricating components. We are also proud to be a Continuous Improvement Company, which means we continuously strive to do things better in three main areas: quality, customer service and the elimination of waste. Improvement is a way of life at SelfLube. As we see it, a company not improving is heading for extinction.

How Continuous Improvement Cultivates Sustainability

So how does Continuous Improvement relate to the environment? When a company heads down the improvement path it is almost immediately confronted with doing more with less. This means that improvement and efficiency tend to go hand-in-hand. An efficient company consumes a lot fewer of the Earth’s resources, making an efficient company inherently a sustainable company.  

SelfLube has been a Continuous Improvement company for over 20 years, implementing many small but beneficial improvements, including switching to LED lighting, smart HVAC system, going paperless, and even recycling scrap metal, paper, and old corrugated electronic devices. Over the years, all those little changes culminated in the efficient, therefore sustainable, practices that are in place at SelfLube today.

Thanks to our commitment to continuous improvement, environmentally friendly practices have become part of the company's basic business processes. As many companies are looking for sustainable solutions to their business practices, it’s safe to say that SelfLube is well ahead of the curve on this one, and proud of it. 

Need Components? 

Are you in need of self-lubricating components and want to work with an environmentally-conscious local business? Look no further than SelfLube! Contact us today to place your order.