Terms and Conditions

Payment Terms

Standard credit terms of NET 30 will be established for customers whose credit/account is in good standing. For customers without established credit or unfavorable credit history, we accept the following forms of payment: COD, Visa, Mastercard, certified check or wire transfer.

Credit limits and payment terms may be reviewed and adjusted periodically based on actual payment history and purchasing requirements. Accounts with payment delayed over 90 days will be suspended from shipping product until the account can be brought back within terms.

A 1.5% per month finance charge may be applied to unpaid balances over 30 days. Any reasonable cost incurred to collect past due accounts will be assessed to the customer. This includes legal expenses, collection fees and NSF charges.


All items are billed at prices in effect at the time of shipment and is FOB our plant. Prices are subject to change without notice.


Shipments are generally made via UPS or common carrier. SelfLube cannot be responsible for damage or delays encountered during such transportation.


Claims for any shortages, errors or defects must be made within ten (10) business days from receipt of shipment.


Returns must be pre-approved by SelfLube and an RMA issued before they will be accepted. All items are subject to inspection before replacement or issuance of a credit.

Stocked Items: Standard items in sellable condition that are regularly stocked may be returned within 60 days of shipment with no restocking charge (other than the outbound freight if the order has free shipping). Beyond 60 days, there is a 20% restocking charge. Beyond 120 days, they are not returnable.

Non-stock Items: Standard items in sellable condition that are not regularly stocked may be returned within 60 days of shipment with a 30% restocking charge, but only if the item can be resold in a reasonable timeframe based upon a review of the item's sales history.

Custom, Cut-to-size and Obsolete Items: These items are not returnable.

Items Sold But Not Manufactured by SelfLube: These items are subject to the return policy of SelfLube's vendor. 

Sellable Condition: This means that the item has not been altered or marked and is free of dirt, lubricants, rust and corrosion such that it can be readily sold to a customer.

Shipping Cost: All shipping costs (i.e., both ways) are the responsibility of the customer.


Make-to-stock Items: These items can be cancelled prior to shipment with no cancellation charge. Very large quantities (see below) will be treated as a custom item.

Custom Items: These items are subject to the following cancellation charges:

Prior to Material Commitment: 0%

After Material Commitment: 50%

After Manufacturing has started: 100%

Items Not Manufactured by SelfLube: These items are subject to the cancellation policy of SelfLube's vendor.

Custom Items: This includes specials, cut-to-size items and standard items that are not stocked. It also includes make-to-stock items in very large quantities (see below).

Very Large Quantities: This essentially means that the quantity is such that the item being cancelled is not likely to be resold within a reasonable timeframe based upon the following criteria:

  • return qty + current on-hand > prior year sales, or

  • fewer than three customers for this item

Material Commitment: This is when special material has been ordered or when standard material has been cut. 

Limited Warranty

SelfLube warrants that its products conform to published specifications. No other warranty is expressed or implied. Any liability arising from items that SelfLube sells or manufactures is limited solely to the repair or replacement of the defective item or, at SelfLube's option, a refund of the purchase price. In no event shall SelfLube be liable for any incidental, consequential or special damages of any kind or nature whatsoever.

Product Changes

SelfLube is a continuous improvement company, and it makes changes and improvements to its products from time to time. SelfLube reserves the right to make such changes or even cease producing an item without notification. Diagrams and drawings in the SelfLube catalog and/or website are meant to be for reference only. Every effort is made to insure accuracy, but it is not guaranteed. Current information on SelfLube's website supersedes that appearing earlier or in earlier versions of its catalog.