SelfLube, the Leading U.S. Manufacturer of Precision Mold and Die Components

We make componentry used in complex tools and special machines. With over 10,000 standard part numbers and the ability to make custom components as well, we can generally accommodate any special size or configuration a customer might have. All told, we’ve made and shipped nearly 3 million items. We’re well known in the industry for our excellent customer service. And as for quality, nine consecutive zero non-conformance ISO 9001 audits speak for themselves.

What environments are best suited for self-lubricating parts?

The truth is that graphite-plugged components are suitable for any environment where you use traditionally lubricated parts. For applications that require clean operation, our self-lubricating componentry is ideal because it completely eliminates liquid lubricants, such as grease or oil that could cause product contamination. Interestingly, our self-lubricating componentry also works well in very dirty environments. With no liquid lubricants present, there is nothing to attract contaminants to bearing surfaces, which translates into a much longer service life. In both of these scenarios, there is no need for an operator or maintenance person to perform periodic lubrication activities, which saves even more time and money.

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