The Leading U.S. Manufacturer of Precision Mold and Die Components

We make componentry used in complex tools and special machines. With over 10,000 standard part numbers and the ability to make custom components as well, we can generally accommodate any special size or configuration a customer might have. All told, we’ve made and shipped nearly 3 million items. We’re well known in the industry for our excellent customer service. And as for quality, ten consecutive zero non-conformance ISO 9001 audits speak for themselves 

No Tariff Price Increases from SelfLube

Concerned about component prices skyrocketing due to tariff uncertainty? Not at SelfLube. We’re not subject to Tariffs for the simple reason that we manufacture domestically and use all domestic material. Not so for many others in the industry who rely upon products made in China. So with SelfLube you win two ways. You get rock solid quality backed by ten consecutive ISO 9000 audits with zero non-conformance's. And now, you’re shielded from any tariff price increases. Going with SelfLube seems like a smart move..

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