A Commitment To Quality

12 Apr 2022

12 Consecutive Zero Non-Conformance ISO 9001 Audits at SelfLube

When it comes to precision mold and die components, quality is essential. SelfLube’s 12 consecutive zero non-conformance ISO 9001 audits clearly demonstrates our serious commitment to Quality. These high quality products are that our customers can rely upon day-in and day-out. 

What Is an ISO 9001 Audit?

An ISO 9001 Audit is a top to bottom review of a company’s quality management system to determine the extent to which it complies with the international ISO 9001 Quality Standard.  Any deviations from the standard are referred to as non-conformances

Major Non-Conformance

A major non-conformance is a deviation that adversely affects the ability of the quality management system to achieve its intended results.

Minor Non-Conformance

A minor non-conformance is also a deviation but one of lesser significance that does not adversely affect the quality management system.

Action Plan

For each non-conformance identified the Company must come up with a plan for Corrective Action and Preventive Action. 

Highest Quality Components Just For You

At SelfLube, we take pride in delivering the highest quality components to you. Our commitment to quality has helped us become the leading U.S.manufacturer of precision mold and die components. Plus, our facilities are local, so supply chain issues are a thing of the past. 

Don’t leave the quality to chance, contact us today for your mold and die component needs!