Supply Chain Issues? Not with Self Lube!

16 Feb 2024

In the Tooling Industry, a part that’s late or comes in damaged can be big trouble. You can avoid this with SelfLube.  We are a local manufacturer and all our key suppliers are local as well. When you choose SelfLube, you cut down your supply chain from across the ocean to right down the road. 

The Leading U.S. Producer

Supply chain issues have affected nearly every industry in the world, but have been especially detrimental to small and local businesses. At SelfLube, we are a local business ourselves, so we truly understand the toll these issues take. Unfortunately, according to experts, the supply chain issues will “get worse before they get better.” So if you are sourcing components overseas, it may be time to reassess. You could be waiting months with your parts stuck on a container ship somewhere. Why take the risk?

When you order components from SelfLube, you can rest assured that you will not be waiting months to get what you need. We are a local manufacturer that sells directly to build shops. This makes for the shortest possible supply chain. And when it comes to supply chains, short is beautiful: fast, economical and low risk. This is hidden value-added. More and more customers are recognizing this and switching to SelfLube to take advantage of it. This is a big reason why SelfLube is now the leading U.S. manufacturer of precision die and mold components. But it’s not just this. As a local company, we take the time and effort to provide personal attention and care to our customers. Whether it is a standard recurring order or an emergency piece replacement, SelfLube will get you your components within a few days instead of a few weeks, so you can get back to running your business.

Quick and Efficient Delivery, High-Quality Products

Slow and inefficient delivery along with low-quality products are the most common complaints when it comes to overseas manufacturers. As the only tool and die manufacturing company left in the United States, we are able to deliver the parts you need quickly, efficiently, and with exceptionally high quality. When it comes to quality, we at SelfLube never take any shortcuts. Our product line consists of more than 10,000 standard part numbers. We also make custom parts, which means that we can generally accommodate any size or special configuration you might need. We sell direct, which saves you time and money. And above all, we have a strong commitment to quality and customer service backed up by 12 consecutive zero non-conformance ISO 9001 audits and a track record of 99% on-time shipping.

Contact SelfLube, Get Excellent Customer Service

Do you need parts delivered yesterday? Contact us today to get started, and never look farther than your own backyard for tool and die components again!