3 Traits that Make Graphite A Superior Lubricant

27 Jun 2018

Many of SelfLube’s components are self-lubricating, due to graphite plugs that are embedded inside components. Graphite has some unusual properties that make it an excellent lubricant, and it possesses several advantages over conventional lubrication methods.

Suitable for All Environments

Graphite-plugged components are suitable for any environment where you use traditionally lubricated parts. For clean operations, graphite components are ideal because they completely eliminate the need for liquid lubricants, such as grease or oil, which could cause product contamination. On the other hand, self-lubricating components also work well in very dirty environments. Without grease or oil present, there is nothing to attract contaminants to bearing surfaces, which translates into a much longer service life.

No Need for Additional Lubrication

Graphite provides ample lubrication to eliminate the need for additional lubrication across all applications. In fact, additional lubrication may impair graphite’s ability to self-lubricate. Liquid lubricants tend to attract dirt and grit, causing premature damage to the graphite. Grease is a particular problem, and graphited components should never be greased. If these precautions are taken, the lifespan of self-lubricating parts is virtually endless.

Lowest Total Life Cycle Cost

In terms of total life cycle cost, self-lubricating components are significantly less expensive than conventional components. Graphite is extremely durable and will provide continuous lubrication for years. No additional lubrication will ever be required. The cost of performing periodic lubrication over the course of many years is avoided, as is the risk of not performing the lubrication and the associated cost of a premature failure.

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