SelfLube Celebrates 30th Year in Business

10 Sep 2020

The SelfLube Company is pleased to announce that September 2020 marks its 30th year in business.  This is a very significant milestone. Achieving it was only possible through the hard work and dedication of its employees.    

SelfLube is the leading U.S manufacturer of precision die and mold components. 30 years ago, it started out as two-man shop supplying a few local die and mold shops with self-lubricating bronze components.  Now SelfLube sells over 10,000 different part numbers to 1,000 customers across North America. The Company highly regarded in its industry for quality and on-time shipping.

“Early on SelfLube developed innovative software to help manage its complex high mix/low volume manufacturing environment,” says Owner Phil Allor. “This gave SelfLube a competitive leg up that propelled its early growth. Later we embraced continuous improvement in a very big way. Over the years this spurred thousands of small innovations that collectively have produced some very big results. This has served us well, which in turn has enabled us to serve our customers well,” adds Allor.