Helping in the Fight Against Covid-19

6 Apr 2020

SelfLube, a Michigan based Manufacturer of precision mold and die components, is doing its bit in the fight against Covid-19.

The company just shipped a high-priority order of components to Hi-Tech Mold & Engineering that will be used in tooling for badly needed emergency room ventilators for Covid-19 patients.

"With humans lives at stake, this was the most consequential order the company has ever received," observes SelfLube Owner, Phil Allor.

This was a challenging situation.  The need was immediate, but these were all custom parts so nothing could be shipped from stock. They all had to be made - very quickly.  Everybody pitched in and we got the order out in record time.

Pictured holding two of the parts is our CNC Operators Chris W., and Joe D, and Plant Manager Chris C. alongside them.