Tool Builders Find SelfLube's Ball Bearing Selection Tool Easy and Convenient

25 Feb 2016

Visitors can access this tool by clicking on the link in the ball bearing section. With just a few dimensions entered by the die builder, the parts selection tool will generate the proper configuration that is needed. The whole process is quick and easy.

In the tooling industry time is money and SelfLube works hard to get its customers up and running whether it is for a new build or a repair part. The parts selection tool allows customers to find the correct parts they need and ordered with just a few clicks. 

SelfLube's ball bearing components come in a variety of inch and metric sizes that are used extensively in metal stamping dies and die sets. Its ball bearing line consists of:

  • Straight Guide Posts
  • Demountable Guide Posts
  • Straight Sleeve Bushings
  • Demountable Bushings
  • Ball Cages (Type 1 and Type 2)

These particular components are designed to be interchangeable with other brands. With the parts selection tool, replacing a part is easy and the customer is not constrained to purchase a whold ball bearing set. 

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