SelfLube to Introduce New Custom Capabilities at The American Mold Builders Association Conference

2 May 2016

The American Mold Builders Association (AMBA) annual conference is just around the corner. As an event sponsor, SelfLube will be showcasing its new custom capabilities for its bronze and steel wear strips.

Just last year SelfLube announced its ability to provide angle cuts on its wear strips. Since then, the customer feedback has been very positive and in order to meet the needs of its customers, the company is raising the bar once more. A customer can now specify custom:

  • Size
  • Shape 
  • Holes
  • Hole Pattern
  • Chambers
  • Pockets
  • Cutouts

"The old way was to order a standard part and re-work it, which is like paying for it twice. The new way is to order a customized part from SelfLube and receive it complete and ready to install in the tool," explains Phil Allor, CEO of SelfLube.

Wear strips are used extensively in the tooling industry and are one of SelfLube's hot ticket items. Typically, a wear strip is rectangular, but sometimes a tool builder needs something out of the ordinary. The norm would be to order a wear strip and then once received, machine it accordingly in order to fit the tool. This is no longer the case. "We are looking to be able to accommodate different shapes and custom specifications so the part is ready to go. Although certain requirements may need secondary processing, we are working to make this a small number," adds Allor.

This year's theme "Trigger Your Brilliance" is an opportunity for mold building executives to network with others in the industry to gain new knowledge on operating business more efficiently and effectively. The conference is a three-day event May 11-13 and will be held in Dearborn, MI it is expected to attract mold builders from all over the country.