SelfLube Will Feature its Trunnion Lifter Slides at This Year's NPE Showcase

19 Mar 2015

The International Plastics Showcase (NPE) is one of the largest shows in the mold and plastics industry. Mold builders from around the world will gather to one central location in Orlando, Florida to display the latest trends, equipment and technology. NPE is held every three years and has been on going for over 75 years.

This will be SelfLube's 16th year exhibiting at NPE and the company is gearing up to feature its Trunnion Lifter Slides. "The Lifter Slide is a perfect tool for mold builders, because they were designed with the mold builder in mind," explains Phil Allor, CEO of SelfLube. "These components deliver a significant value to customers by reducing expensive build time and costs."

SelfLube makes six different types of Trunnion Lifter Slides, which come in inch and metric and all are available with or without self-lubricating graphite. The different types include:

  • Trunnion Lifter Slides (inch - TGA)
  • Trunnion Lifter Slides (inch, angled - TSA)
  • Trunnion Lifter Slides (inch, angled with adjuster - TJ
  • Trunnion Lifter Slides (metric - KOCU)
  • Trunnion Lifter Slides (metric, angled - KOCUF)
  • Trunnion Lifter Slides (metric, angled with adjuster - KOCUM)

The angle versions come equipped with a pre-set angle travel (0-10 degrees). The trunnion action automatically accommodates lifter rod angles of up to 30 degrees, eliminating the need for additional machining. "Tool builders prefer them for their rugged design and durability," says Allor. See them and many other components of SelfLube's including wear strips, bushings and gibs at Booth W5582.