SelfLube Received Perfect Score For Its Eighth Straight Year With Zero Non-Conformances

13 Jul 2016

Selflube recently completed its annual 9001:2008 quality ISO audit. The company received zero non-conformances, which means no infractions were made against its quality system. This is a very big deal for SelfLube and the company is very pleased to continue its successful track record of eight straight years with zero non-conformances, a perfect score for quality.

This was very much a team effort. Pulling this off required the efforts of everyone in the company, but not just on the day of the audit. It had to be essentially every day since the prior audit 12 months before. "With consistent high quality, personable customer service and a solid record for shipping, SelfLube has become the preferred supplier for the component needs of toolmakers," explains Jordan Fifelski, SelfLube's Marketing Specialist.

SelfLube is currently registered to the ISO 9001:2008 quality standard. ISO stands for International Organization of Standardization. As an independent non-government organization it provides guidelines to ensure a companys' material, products and services are safe, reliable and are of good quality. In order to sustain this standard the annual audit focuses on four key areas:

  •  Product quality
  • Meeting the needs and priorities of its customers
  • Meeting expectations for on-time shipping
  • Satisfactory response by SelfLube personnel

This means customers can be confident that SelfLube is a safe, reliable and a good quality company to do business with.