SelfLube Reaches a Major Milestone

24 May 2016

Component maker SelfLube is very pleased to announce that it recently made its 1,000,000th wear plate - a very significant milestone that firmly established the Company as the leading U.S. manufacturer of mold and die components. 

"SelfLube started out as a pretty small company," explains owner Phil Allor. "Producing 1,000,000 wear plates means that we have now reached a scale of operation, in terms of employees, systems and manufacturing infrastructure, that makes us a major player in this industry."

"But, it's not really about manufacturing. It's about successfully bringing a product to market. We can't make 1,000,000 units without also selling 1,000,000 units. And, here the selling is to a very savvy and demanding customer base. There is no faking it here. The only way that this could be done is by delivering superior value to the customer. And, that is what SelfLube does, day in and day out."

SelfLube wear plates guide and control the moving parts in complex tools such as metal stamping dies and plastic injection molds. Toolmakers and tool designers find them very useful for a number of reasons. They come in a broad range of sizes. The can handle very heavy loads - a medium size wear plate for example can support nearly 100 tons. They are readily adjustable by grinding a bit off the bottom. They are extremely rugged and durable, typically outlasting the tool in which they are installed. And, with the addition of graphite plugs they become self-lubricating, which makes them nearly a perfect guide component.