SelfLube Joins The Precision Metalforming Association at The Annual Suppliers Night

16 Apr 2015

SelfLube, will be joining members of the Precision Metalforming Association (PMA) at its yearly show for suppliers in the metalforming industry. The show is an opportunity for die makers to showcase their latest products and technology. The Cleveland District of PMA will be sponsoring this year's night out.

SelfLube does not actually build dies. It supplies the precision components that go into dies. As the industry has moved towards using standardized components to help reduce cost and shorten lead times, toolmakers are looking to SelfLube to supply those components. 

For over 25 years SelfLube has been supplying components to PMA Member Companies. At the annual Supplier's Night, SelfLube will have on display an array of die components including wear strips, bushings, wear plates, gibs, and related items - available both with or without self-lubricating graphite.