SelfLube Introduces Its We-Can-Do-Anything Approach to Its Custom Wear Strips

8 Jun 2016

SelfLube, the leading U.S. manufacturer of precision mold and die components is raising the bar again for bronze and steel wear strips. The company will be showcasing this new capability at this year's Amerimold Expo, held in Novi, MI.

Its decision to greatly expand its scope customization was driven by customer feedback. The company's response was to rethink everything and come up with a process that will allow it to economically produce virtually any wear strip configuration that a customer might reasonably require.

With using a standardized part a tool builder can significantly reduce cost and provide shorter lead times, but often the tool builder requires a part that is different than a standard and SelfLube understands this. Phil Allor, CEO of SelfLube explains, "We are looking to accommodate different shapes and custom specifications so the part is ready to go. We are working on keeping a small number for those components that need secondary processing."

In the past the normal procedure for a customer would be to order a wear strip and then once in-house, machine it accordingly to fit the tool. This process is not effective in terms of cost and time. With SelfLube's new custom capabilities a made-to-order wear strip is complete and ready to be installed in the tool upon arrival. 

The Amerimold Expo will be June 15-16 at the Suburban Collection Showplace. Considered as the event for mold manufacturing, the show is expecting over 2,500 attendees. SelfLube will be showcasing its custom wear strips and other mold components at Booth: 410.