For The First Time SelfLube Will Be Exhibiting at Expoplast 2016 in Montreal, Quebec

22 Nov 2016

The plastics industry in Canada is mainly concentrated throughout Ontario and Quebec. Nearly 47% of businesses in the industry are located in Ontario, while 25% are in Quebec. This year's Expoplast will be in Montreal and is the only show in Quebec focused entirely on plastics. SelfLube, who is no stranger to the plastics industry, will be exhibiting for the first time and will feature its custom capabilities for its aluminum bronze and steel wear strips. 

"We already sell to build shops in Toronto and Windsor. This is a prime opportunity for SelfLube to spread its name more throughout Canada. There is potential for significant growth in Quebec," explains CEO Phil Allor." Featuring our custom capabilities has spurred positive feedback in the past and with being somewhat new to the area, what better way to introduce ourselves then to offer virtually any wear strip configuration a customer may need."

SelfLube has long made standard wear strips in steel and aluminum bronze with or without self-lubricating graphite. At Expoplast the company is introducing mass customization to augment its line of standard wear strips. Now, customers can order the exact configuration they require. 

Wear strips are used extensively in the tooling industry and are one of SelfLube's hot ticket items. A standard wear strip is rectangular shape, but sometimes that doesn't work. Formerly that meant ordering a standard wear strip and then altering it. Expensive and time consuming. With SelfLube's new custom wear strip capabilities a made-to-order wear strip is received complete and ready to be installed in the tool. SelfLube will have on display its custom wear strips at Booth: 629. The expo will be November 30 - December 1 at the Palais des Congres de Montreal. Our Sales Manager, Greg Kirchhoff will be present to answer any questions you may have