Customer Survey Sets The Pace - See What Our Customers Have to Say

14 Sep 2016

SelfLube goes to great lengths in order to provide quality components and top-notch service to its customers. As an ISO 9001:2008 registered company, SelfLube is required to undergo an annual audit of its quality systems. This includes reaching out to customers asking them to participate in its customer satisfaction survey. So far, the feedback has been constructive and very positive. 

The survey focuses on the following key areas:

  • Product quality
  • Understanding the needs of customers in relation to lead times, price and availability
  • Meeting expectations for on-time delivery
  • Satisfactory response time and knowledge from the SelfLube staff
  • User friendliness of the company website

"These particular areas and the responses we receive really help us pinpoint the things we are doing correctly as well as items we can improve on," explains Jordan Fifelski, SelfLube's Marketing Specialist. "We use this as a platform to construct a to-do list for the upcoming year of improvements, which is something we give special attention to. We do things well, but we are always looking to do even better."

Here is what some of SelfLube's customers had to say:

  • "We greatly appreciate our orders on time!"
  • "Customer service has always been helpful."
  • "SelfLube does a great job for us and we are happy with their products and service."
  • "Thank you SelfLube for helping us accomplish such quality of our molds."
  • "Since being introduced to SelfLube, I have been happy with the price, delivery and quality. This could not have been more evident than with my special item order. The special care and attention given to my order by several staff members was extremely rewarding. I will continue to send my future business to SelfLube."