SelfLube Components on VISI CAD

SelfLube and Tooling Software Technology (TST) have teamed up to incorporate all of SelfLube's 10,000+ components into the VISI CAD component library. VISI users will now be able to use VISI's powerful "Builder" tool to select a component type and size and quickly insert a 3D model for it into the model for the tool being developed.  But, it's not just the model itself, the required mounting holes, fasteners and optional pocket are also inserted along with entries in the bill of material. This can all be done with a few clicks.If the size isn't quite right, the user can go back to Builder menu and click on a different size. Everything then changes to that new size: the component, mounting holes, fasteners, pocket and bill of material entries.


For more information click on the VISI/TST link: