SelfLube, the Leading U.S. Manufacturer of Precision Mold and Die Components

We make componentry used in complex tools and special machines. With over 10,000 standard part numbers and the ability to make custom components as well, we can generally accommodate any special size or configuration a customer might have. All told, we’ve made and shipped nearly 3 million items. We’re well known in the industry for our excellent customer service. And as for quality, nine consecutive zero non-conformance ISO 9001 audits speak for themselves.

What do you do if a standard size wear strip doesn’t work for your application?

Basically, you have three options. You could make something from scratch, but one-off parts are a nuisance and tend to be kind of expensive. You could buy a standard part and alter it, which isn't much better. Or you could order the part from SelfLube and get the exact part you need furnished complete and ready to go into the tool. Lead-time is about the same as that of a standard part. Cost is a little more but nowhere near that of making a one-off part or altering a standard one. We can do this because we have come up with a way of merging the manufacture of custom parts right into the job mix for standard parts. That way, the cost and lead-time impact is minimal. 

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